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The Voices in My Head - The Critical Critic

June 30, 2020

Tuesday Night Live
30 June 2020
The Voices in My Head - My inner troupe of doubting Thomas's and naysayers who dish out their brand of wisdom through their authoritarian personalities.
Tonight's character - The Critical Critic
Sometimes I feel I am going mad! There are so many people living in my head telling me how to live my life that I feel I will go 'unquietly' insane; and for the grammar police out there, I realize that 'unquietly' is not a word OK? I set about getting in touch with my inner cast of fear filled, doubting Thomas's and naysayers and I thought you might like to meet mine as I have no doubt that some of their relatives might be camped out in your head, sharing their fears, doubts and unqualified advice with you.

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