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Souls Journey Podcast Series 2 Episode 5 - Soul Intentions and Karma - A Marriage Made in Spirit.

April 1, 2021

Welcome to Olwynne Cade Living Soulfully. This second podcast series, The Souls Journey - Soul Contracts and Karma, is a learning path to make the unconscious, conscious and requires that we ask and seek answers to some very important questions such as where were you before you were born? Do we choose the events of the life we are living? What are Soul Contracts, and do I have any in play in my life right now? What is the new name for Soul Contracts and why does it need a name change? Can you renegotiate your Soul Contracts for this life while you’re living them?
What Karma is REALLY all about and why does it have so much bad press? Are you stuck in your Karmic intentions and can you release yourself from it?
My intention for this body of work is to provide possible answers to these and other life changing questions to help you remember who you are.
I hope this resonates with you and you find it thought provoking and inspirational. So, join me now for my second podcast series. I look forward to spending time with you.

Episode 5: This episode will ask and answer the following questions - Is Karma the same as a Soul Contract? How do you know its Karma? Where is Karma most often played out and why? What motivates us to incarnate again? Then we check out the divine union of Soul Contracts/Intentions and Karma, a marriage made in spirit. 

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