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Soulful Connections - Jo Bailey - An Accidental Activist

September 16, 2020

Welcome to Soulful Connections - an audio version of my new video series.

I'm so excited to share with you my new series Soulful Connections, conversations with people who have found their natural place in the world; shining a light on inspirational and uplifting people who are living their lives as authentic and soulful expressions of themselves. These are their stories...

My first guest is Jo Bailey, who describes herself as an 'accidental activist'.
How do you become an accidental activist?
Following the terror attacks in Christchurch, NZ on March 15 2019, Jo Bailey found herself taking up the call to unite women in peace and love, to bring about change, share stories, break down barriers and build greater understanding between women of all cultures and ethnicities.
Olwynne talks with Jo about how a push from the Universe sent her on a journey to bring women together and Uniting Canterbury Women was born. This is her story.

For more and to watch the video, go to www.soulfulconnections.co.nz

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