Olwynne Cade - Living Soulfully

Past Lives Present Life

April 8, 2020

Tuesday Night Live! Tonight 7pm here! Tonights topic - Past Lives Present Life.
Our soul is not in some far-off place in another dimension, it is us and without it we wouldn’t be here living the life we are now. Our soul’s purpose is manifest in every aspect of our life. Our soul calls to us through our experiences to remember who we are and what we came here for.
You can find the website links to the following references to Dr Jim B Tuckers work on the home page at www.olwynnecade.com

Dr Jim B Tucker's website
The University of Virginia of Virginia's Division of Perceptual Studes website
Life After Life on Amazon.com or you can source it on your own online book site.

YouTube video - Tom Tom Festival 2018 - Is There Life After Death? featuring the panel of speakers including Dr Jim B Tucker and the
Faculty of the University of Virginia's Division of Perceptual Studies - moderated by John Cleese

Here are other places you can watch and listen to this and previous programmes after this evening's live broadcast -
Youtube Channel Living Soulfully - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo1bBdHJGHyqLxstVqfRVBg